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Wealthy Affiliate Reviews

Wealthy Affiliate My Review - What Is It All About?

Product: Wealthy Affiliate
Price: Free To Join
Creators:  Kyle & Carson
Overall Ranking:  99/100

 Wealthy Affiliate Reviews
Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate - Introduction

In life you’ll often find that there are numerous things that people tend to over look when it comes to the simple strategies to online passive business to start an online business.

Online there are numerous products available now that claim that they can help you to earn an extra income by setting up an online business.  The big problem with most of these is that they often are schemes created by someone who simply wants to sell the product that they have created to you.  

However, this isn’t what Wealthy Affiliate is about.  As you will discover through reading this review of mine is that this product is completely unique and different from other products already available.

Wealthy Affiliate - What Is It All About?

The first thing you’ll notice is that this is a community membership site that was created back in 2005 by Kyle and Carson two online marketers.  Since it was created it has now become a major community in the online marketing industry.  It is the place to go for those who aren’t just searching for information about how to create an online business but also want to construct a successful one.

Kyle and Carson

What you will discover when it comes Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is that this is a site where much more than training is being offered.   It comes with a huge online community where you have the opportunity to connect with others who cannot only provide you with guidance but also support once you become a member.  

Wealthy Affiliate University - Who Benefits From Joining? 

I would highly recommend that anyone who is setting up an online business for the first time should get involved as well as those who already have one. The reason I recommend that both newbies and experienced people join is that here you’ll find training that suits all.   

What you’ll find is that unlike other products that are available that will show you how to make money online the creators of WA have taken the time to ensure that what they offer is easily accessible to everyone including anyone who has a limited budget or no money at all to invest in getting their online business set up.

What To Expect When You Become A Member Of Wealthy Affiliate?

The first thing that you need to understand when it comes to WA is that it isn’t a multi-level marketing (MLM) program.  As a result of this you will find that there is no need for you to build a massive download in order that you can then start to make money from it.   Also with this product unlike many others available today you won’t be required to sell the product to others. 

If you have very little or no experience of marketing then don’t expect to start earning a good income from this program quickly.   This isn’t a program that has been designed to help make people rich quick.  Rather what it has been designed to do is help you to build up a solid business online that will in turn help you to earn recurring revenue as your business grows. 

There is one thing that you need to aware of when it comes to this program and that is you aren’t going to earn money unless you are willing to put in both the time and effort to make sure that your online business is successful. 

What Do The Members Of Wealthy Affiliate Love About It?

Would you like to know why it is people love Wealthy Affiliate and why it is so many people are talking about it now?  

Most people are very positive when they talk about this online community due to the following: 

1.         Getting Started Training is a very easy process to follow

2.        It comes with a great selection of training videos, tutorials and classroom based training

3.        It has a membership of more than 100,000 who are all looking to help those who join

4.        Provided with live interactive help (this simply cannot be beaten)

5.    You get provided with two free websites that have been well designed

6.        Comes with state of the art hosting that works extremely fast

7.        The environment is completely free of spam

8.        To become a member costs nothing (FREE TO JOIN - WOW)

So you can see with such great resources and features why it is proving so popular.  Plus it really is available to you for FREE!!!!  You just won’t find anything else like it.  AMAZING.

What Do You Get When You Join Wealthy Affiliate? 

Once you decide to become a member of the WA community you will be provided with the following:

1.  Training 

There are several different types of training available to those who become a member of WA.  Included is everything from, SEO, PPC, list building, article and email marketing, technical training and development of websites. 

Getting Started With Wealthy Affiliate

In fact within its database you’ll find that there are more than 300 tutorials available.  Plus each month even more material is being added to it.

Once you become a member of Wealthy Affiliate you become enrolled automatically on to its Online Entrepreneur Certification course.   Through this course you are provided with assistance to help you work your way through the processes in order that you can a successful online business from which you will earn an additional income.   One thing you’ll love about the training provided is that allows you to actually adjust it to suit your own needs.

2.  Coaching & Support

What you will find is that the support team at WA is very responsive to the needs of its members and will attempt to solve any problems that you may have.   There is even the possibility that you may well find yourself actually dealing direct with the programs creators.  This is because both Carson and Kyle like to participate in chats with the programs members in order to get their questions answered. 

3.  Tools

Unlike some other programs now available once a member you are provided with a great selection of tools all designed to help you to develop a successful online business.   As well as providing you with tools like an SEO optimiser, a link protector and a tool to generate content you’ll find that there are some really great tools available that allow you to carry out marketing research.

Wealthy Affiliate Tools

Plus you will find that you get provided with tools that will help you to analyse what your competitors are up to as well as search out those all important keywords or phrases, that will ensure that your business can be found more easily.

Within the members area you will find the following:

a.    WordPress Express - This is a tool that helps you to build websites in only 3 clicks.

b.       A tool that allows you to carry out research not only for keywords but what your competitors are up to.

c.         State of the art unlimited cloud hosting

d.    Rapid Writer - A tool that you will find makes the whole process of writing content for yourself a lot easier

e.  There are over 2,400 website template and themes for you to select from

f.   You have the opportunity to be able to add more than 30,000 features to your website

g.      Keyword Lists - Both the kind that are low competition and which have been cherry picked 

So as you can see when it comes to building an online business every kind of tool, service or resource you need can be found at Wealthy Affiliate.   So providing you with a head start over your competitors, as well as allowing you the chance to build your own home based online business without too much hassle.

4.  A Tool For Building Websites

As a member of Wealthy Affiliate you have given access to WordPress Express, which then allows you to build you own WordPress optimised blogs.  Plus it also comes with a tool to power it known as Site Rubix.   Also with this program if you don’t want to bother with the hassle of trying to find suitable hosting for your site then here you are provided with it for free.

5.  Access To The WA Forum

This particular part of the program is only available to those people who decide to become “Premium Members”.  As soon as you do become a member however you then have the chance to be able to interact with like minded souls.  These are people who are willing to not only help you when you have a problem, but also to share their ideas.   Certainly if you are someone who is getting involved with online marketing for the first time you will find that this proves to be a real benefit.

So How Much Does It All Cost?

For those of you who are wanting to ensure that they create a really successful online business then joining WA is a must.   However, don’t think for one minute that you are going to see results straightaway.  

What you will learn however is how to go about creating a successful one that will then start to provide you with a good return later on.   But remember if you want to see a good return then you need to be willing to dedicate not only time but also effort in to your new business.  You can become a Starter Membership for FREE here.

As for the Premium Membership is costs either $47 per month or $359 per year.   With the Starter Membership you are provided with instant FREE access to the WA community.   Here you then have access to more than 500 training modules as well as 3 classrooms and be able to participate in live chats as well as network.  

Along with this you are provided with 2 free websites and have access to a very powerful keyword tool for free.  In all honest you aren’t likely to find any other paid product that is going to provide you with as much as WA does for free, and this is just for those who decided to join WA’s FREE starter membership.  

So What Do You Get When You Sign Up To The Wealthy Affiliate Premium?  

If you are thinking seriously about starting up your own home based online business, then this is the membership for you.  As well as providing you with state of the hosting, you also have access to a very powerful keyword tool, unlimited training and a tool that makes the task of building websites a whole lot easier, plus lots lots more.   

What I can assure you of is that by becoming a premium member you’ll never need to seek out assistance from any other person who will charge you over the odds.  Plus you’ll find yourself never being taken in by yet another get rich quick claim.  

As a WA Premium member you are even provided with 1 on 1 help from the programs own experts if you need it.  So the chances of you being scammed are out the window.  This really is cool!!

There is also a Special Bonus available.  You can join as a Starter Member for free.  But once you join you will be taken through the process of how to set up your account.  You are provided with step by step instructions on how to join Wealthy Affiliate and once you have joined I will be in contact.   So why not join Wealthy Affiliate now for FREE!!!

How Do You Claim Your Bonus?

After you have joined the program using the Free Starter Account, I will then give away a special bonus to you 7 days after you have chosen to take up WA’s Premium Membership.  

So how does it work?  After you join via the FREE Starter Account I will give you a bonus if you are still deciding whether to become a Premium Member or not.  In the first 7 days you are going to be provided with a discount of 59%.  I am excited to offer such a bonus because I am pretty sure that even joining as  Free Wealthy Affiliate Member will prove to be a great and fantastic experience for you. 

In life we are provided with many opportunities that we can take up or leave alone. If you are looking for a good business opportunity then why not see what you might have been missing over the last few years by visiting the Wealthy Affiliate website.


Website:  http://www.wealthyaffiliate.com/ (Join For Free)
Creators:   Kyle & Carson
Ranking Overall:  99/100


If you would like to leave some feedback or would love to hear about your experiences concerning Wealthy Affiliate then kindly leave your comments below.   I would really love to hear your feedback…..

 Wealthy Affiliate Reviews
Wealthy Affiliate Reviews

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